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Since its inception in 2014 by 305 Cafecito, 305 DAY® has transformed March 5th (3/05) into a symbol of communal pride synonymous with Miami-Dade. What began as a modest "ventanita" event at Versailles on Calle Ocho has blossomed into a celebration that captures the essence of Miami's spirit.

Now in its 11th year,  305 DAY® continues to thrive, evolving from a small meet-up into a grand block party and a catalyst for supporting local businesses and giving back to our homeless community.


The mission remains steadfast: to foster unity, promote civic engagement, and honor the cultural tapestry that defines the 305.

At the heart of this movement is JennyLee Molina, the visionary behind the hashtag and driving force behind 305 DAY®. With a profound love for Miami's culture, Molina championed the initiative, giving homage to the city's essence through its name—a direct nod to its iconic area code.

What started as a grassroots endeavor has burgeoned into a monumental celebration, thanks to Molina's dedication and the collective efforts of a passionate team. Their commitment to showcasing Miami's unique identity laid the groundwork for the event's meteoric rise.

In 2020, the involvement of Armando "Pitbull" Perez, the Grammy-Award® Winning International Artist and embodiment of Miami as Mr. 305, marked a significant milestone for 305 DAY®. His partnership further amplified the event's reach and impact, solidifying its status as a cornerstone of Miami's cultural calendar.

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